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Stralsund is a UNESCO World Heritage listed town built in Red Brick Gothic style.  Attractions range from excellent museums in beautifully restored Medieval buildings, fabulous churches and the German Navy sail training ship to a huge, very modern, habourside building housing a state of the art Oceanarium.

Stralsund is another compact town and it pays to wander down the back streets where there are some pretty buildings.  Good free maps can be obtained from the Tourist Office

Stralsund is one hour from Rostock by train.


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How to get there from Warnemünde

Take the S-bahn to Rostock Hbf.

Changing trains in Rostock.


Take the stairs 1 flight down to the main concourse. The electronic departure boards are on the walls on each side. The departure time and track will be indicated.  Take the  appropriately numbered elevator or set of stairs. The platforms are clearly numbered and there are electronic indicator boards showing the departure time, destination and intermediate stops of the next train on each.


The train you require is the RE9 to Sassnitz, via Stralsund


 RE trains on which the Länder ticket is valid:-

Depart Rostock Hbf.        9:01       11:01      13:01

Arrive Stralsund Hbf.      9:56        11:57      15:56


Leave the train at Stralsund Hbf - 10th stop on the route.

Exit the station by the main entrance and turn right into Tribseer Dam. At the big junction go straight across keeping the imposing Deutsche Bank building on your right.  At the next, smaller junction either bear left into Katherienberg to visit the Tourist Office and museums or straight ahead into Tribseer Straße through the Neu Markt and across town to the harbour and Oceanarium. 

Walking time to the tourist office about 15mins; direct to the harbour about 30 mins

If you finish your visit at the harbour on the far side of the city it is possible to take a #6 bus back to the Hbf.


To return to Warnemünde

RE trains on which the Länder ticket is valid:-

Depart Stralsund Hbf.       14:51      16:00       17:00       18:00

Arrive Rostock Hbf.          15:57       16:55       18:02       18:55      


 Take the s-bahn to Warnemünde


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