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Mollibahn Steam Train

The Mollibahn  Steam Train uses the same station as the DB trains and Warnemünde bus service.

Departures and arrivals are timed to connect with the above trains and buses.

The train runs to the seaside town of Kühlungsborn but a good place to hop off for an hour is Heiligendamm, the seaside town of the Dukes with many lovely villas on the sea front.  It is also the passing point for the trains, the only place where you can see both trains together.

There are two main stations in Kühlungsborn:-

 Kühlungsborn Ost - 10mins walk down the main tourist shopping street to the beach, the pier and the GDR border watchtower museum

Külungsborn West  - Here is the Molli Museum and the cafe.  10 mins walk to the promenade and beach. 

Departs Bad Doberan Bahnhof                           

8:35,  9:35 -  then every hour until  -  17:45 


Departs  Kühlungsborn

9:35 , 10:35  -  then every hour until  - 17:35

Fare :- 14.50? pp. return.


Please note that this train is operated by a private company - local day tickets are not valid.  this wonderful web site is in German but  if you hit 'translate' before opening it is well worth a read

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