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Ludwigslust is a country town of about 12,500 inhabitants located 35 km south of the State Capital Schwerin.  The name means 'Ludwigs Pleasure'  as it was originally the site of Grand Duke Christian Lugwig's hunting lodge but later became, for a time, the seat of the Ducal Court and the present schloss was built.   It is a planned, Baroque town with some very distinctive architecture. When furniture and decor manufactured from Papier Mache was the height of fashion the factory in Ludwigslust was considered to be one of the leading exponents of the art.
The main attractions are the Schloss, which houses many fine examples of the art of Papier Mache; the very unusual Town Church; the wide Main Street with its symmetrically placed buildings and the extensive Schloss Park. The Park and parts of the Schloss are open to the public. 

Ludwigslust has an important connection with the US military as the 82nd Airborne Division occupied the town in WWll and it was here in the Schloss that Major General James Gavin accepted the surrender of  the German 21st Army, around 150,000 men; a record number in US history.
At nearby Wobbelin the 82nd discovered a concentration camp with
 over 3000 abandoned prisoners, 1000 of whom were dead or dying.  On the orders of M/G Gavin a representative 200 of the dead were buried in Ludwigslust, between the Schloss and the Church, the graves being dug by prominent local townspeople and all the inhabitants of the town ordered to attend the funeral.

The area is now a memorial, thanks to the efforts of 82nd Veterans.


Unfortunately the new train schedules make combining Schwerin and Ludwigslust in one day a bit difficult.  However it is a nice combination if you are renting a car. 


How to get there from Warnemünde

Take the S-bahn to Rostock Hbf.

Changing trains in Rostock.


Take the stairs 1 flight down to the main concourse. The electronic

departure boards are on the walls on each side. The departure time and

track will be indicated.  Take the  appropriately numbered elevator or set

of stairs. The platforms are clearly numbered and there are electronic

indicator boards showing the departure time, destination and

intermediate stops of the next train on each.

NB the s-bahn occasionally arrives on platform 6 in which case you

simply cross the platform


The train you require is the RE to Hamburg, via Schwerin.


 RE trains on which the Länder ticket is valid:-

Depart Rostock Hbf.        9:07       11:07       13:07 

Arrive Schwerin Hbf.       10:03      12:03       15:03


The train to Ludwigslust  departs every hour, on the hour , from the same platform.