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Lübeck is a very historical and interesting town which was badly bombed during the war. It has a mixture of well restored medieval buildings and modern post-war architecture, some lovely churches and great museums.

The journey from Rostock Main Station takes just under two hours and requires one change of train. There is a train every two hours.

From the main station turn right into Konrad-Audenauer Strasse, across the park and over the bridge to the Holstentor, the most important city gate and now a museum.   Walk up Holstenstrasse, there are some good photo opportunities in the lovely little side streets, to the City Centre. 

The main attractions are the Market Place, St Marien Church and the Rathaus;  in Koenigstrasse St Katherines Museum and the Heiligen-Geist Hospital; further along Gross Burgstrasse is the Burgtor, second most important city gate and the Burgkloster, another great museum.

From there you can, if you wish,  catch a 12 or 34 bus back to the train station or walk along the waterfront which runs parallel to the city wall all the way back to the Puppenbruecke.

There is a lot of information and a very good map on the tourism web site (enlarged to 150% it is very clear)


How to get there from Warnemünde

Take the S-bahn Rostock Hbf.

Changing trains in Rostock.


Take the stairs 1 flight down to the main concourse. The electronic departure boards are on the walls on each side. The departure time and track will be indicated.  Take the  appropriately numbered elevator or set of stairs. The platforms are clearly numbered and there are electronic indicator boards showing the departure time, destination and intermediate stops of the next train on each.

 The train you require is the RE1  to Hamburg

Lübeck is not mentioned as there is no direct train, a change must be made in Bad Kleinen - 5th stop on the route

RE trains on which the Länder ticket is valid:-

Depart Rostock Hbf.      9:07     11:07     13:07

Arrive Bad Kleinen.       9:54     11:54     13:54

Change trains in Bad Kleinen

Depart Bad Kleinen     10:03    12:03     14:03

Arrive Lübeck Hbf.     10:56    12:56     14:56



 To return to Warnemünde


RE trains on which the Länder ticket is valid:-

Depart Lubeck Hbf.     15:03    16:02     17:03    19:03

Change  trains in Bad Kleinen

Arrive Rostock Hbf.     16:50    17:50     18:50    20:50


Take the s-bahn to Warnemünde.

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