Travelanni Times


  Deutsche Bahn

 Day tickets -valid on

  Regional Express, RegionalBahn, S-Bahn

(Red trains)


 Best price option for:-   Schwerin,   Wismar,   Stralsund,  Lübeck,   Hamburg .


Mecklenburg Länder Ticket - Mecklenburg State Ticket

This ticket is valid Monday to Friday for one day of your choice from 9
a.m. until 3 a.m. of the following day.  Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from midnight until 3 a.m the following day. It can be used on all local trains (Regional-Express, Regionalbahn, S-Bahn) in Mecklenburg, also for direct travel to Hamburg and Lübeck.

  • 1 person : EUR 23.00
  • 2 people : EUR 27.00
  • 3 people : EUR 31.00
  • 4 people : EUR 35.00
  • 5 people : EUR 39.00


Best price option for:- Berlin, Monday to Friday

Quer-Durchs-Land Ticket  -  Cross Country Ticket

This ticket is valid Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 3am the following day using regional (red - RE, RB, S) trains only, anywhere in Germany.

  • 1 person : EUR 44.00
  • 2 people : EUR 52.00
  • 3 people : EUR 60.00
  • 4 people : EUR 68.00
  • 5 people : EUR 76.00

Best price option for:- Berlin, Saturday and Sunday

Schönes Wochenende Ticket - Great Week-end Ticket

This ticket is valid on either Saturday or Sunday between midnight and
 3am the following day using regional (red - RE, RB, S) trains only, anywhere in Germany.

  • Up to 5 people
  • EUR 42.00 bought online.                     
  • EUR 44.00 bought from a machine, ticket office or on the train

NB.  If you intend to stop off in Rostock

the above tickets ARE NOT VALID on the tram between

Rostock Hbf and the City Centre.  You will also need a

Single Local Transport ticket.



Standard Tickets - valid on

ICE, IC and EC

(grey trains)

Schwerin  IC  -  42 euro pp return

Hamburg IC   -  90 euro pp return

     Stralsund IC   -  30.60 euro pp return








 Local Transport

S-bahn, Tram, Bus and Ferry



Single ticket  2.10€

  • The single ticket is the standard ticket if you travel only once.
  • Spend ?2.10 and you can make one journey anywhere in Rostock

  • NB Warnemünde to Rostock CBD (train + tram) counts as one journey, only one ticket required.

Return tickets are not available.  For return journey please buy a new ticket.

The Mecklenburg Lander Day Ticket IS NOT VALID ON THE TRAM.  A local transport ticket is required for the journey between Rostock Hbf and the City Centre.

Day ticket 5.20€

  • Spend 5.20€  once - get on and off as often as you like
  • Everywhere in Rostock/Warnemünde, all day long:
  • Valid for the cross river Ferry, Warnemünde to Höhe Dune
  • This ticket is a saving only if you intend to make three or more journeys.

Group Day Ticket 15.70€

  • Up to five people can travel as a group.
  • Spend 15.70€ once - get on and off as often as you like.
  • This is only a saving for a group of 4 or 5


Blaue Flotte River Boat

  • 10,00€ each way or 15,00€ round trip (remaining on boat )

Rostock Region


 Bad Doberan

  • 3 Zone Day ticket 8,20€ (train and/or bus)



  • Rostock and Region Day ticket (all zones) 14,60€