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Welcome to Mecklenburg



Mecklenburg Vorpommern is situated in the North East corner of

Germany on the Polish border.  It is the least populated and

most rural of the German States or Länder. The Baltic Coastline

is  largely unspoilt and there are vast areas of National Park. 

The beautiful island of Rügen, the largest in Germany, is part of


Cruise ships berth at one of two locations, Warnemünde Cruise

Terminal (berths P1-4 / P7 / P8) situated at the mouth of the

river on the western bank or the Overseas Port (berths

LP31 / LP41) situated further upriver on the eastern bank. 

Both locations come under the Port of Rostock Authority which

has an excellent website in English.  Here you will find the

current schedule of arrivals for 2016 (which rarely changes) plus

maps and other information of interest to Cruise Ship




The surrounding area is rich in history and there are several

typical North German towns, each with its own special attraction,

 within easy travelling distance.


Warnemünde, a suburb of Rostock, is a popular seaside resort

and site of the busiest Cruise Ship Terminal in Germany.


Rostock - the largest city in the State (pop.200,000), a busy

sea-port and University town but also rich in history and

medieval architecture. 


Schwerin - the Sate Capital, where the Parliament meets in the

Castle which was once the home of the Dukes of Mecklenburg.


 Ludwigslust - a Baroque town which has a magnificent Schloss

and Park, formerly the country home of the Dukes of

Mecklenburg.  It has an interesting connection with US WWll

military history.


Wismar - has UNESCO World Heritage status and a wealth of

restored medieval buildings


Stralsund - is another UNESCO World Heritage town with fine

buildings, good museums and a modern, world-class Oceanarium


Bad Doberan - a small town with a magnificent Minster church

 in the walled grounds of the former monastery.  Departure point

 for the steam railway, the MolliBahn.


Güstrow - site of a smaller castle and a wonderful Museum of

Nativity Cribs, home town of the sculptor Barlach.

All the towns featured (with the exception of Berlin) are within 2

hours travelling time from Rostock Hbf and are covered by the

Mecklenburg Länder Day Ticket, for details please see page

'Tickets - DeutscheBahn/Local'

Each page includes web sites with information on what to see

and do along with directions on how to get there from

Warnemünde and navigate from the station. We know from

experience that when travelling in a foreign country time-tables,

ticket pricing and maps are not always easy to understand so we

have tried, by using our local knowledge, to present the

options and directions relevant to each town in an easy format.


We hope that this site will help you to make the best possible

use of your short time here and wish you a very pleasant stay in



Happy cruising,    Anni